Making Sense of Estate Planning

Hartford, Connecticut, law firm Ebenstein & Ebenstein spent many years working closely with clients to provide the best legal advice and guidance possible. Operating at the local, regional, and national levels, attorneys at Ebenstein & Ebenstein had experience in a wide variety of areas, including estate planning.

Estate planning is an important part of making sure that a person’s desires for health care and property are honored when that person becomes incapacitated. An estate typically consists of business interests, real property, savings and taxable investments, retirement accounts, and personal property. By creating a list of desires regarding a person’s estate and beneficiaries, that person helps his or her family make important financial and property decisions. To begin the estate planning process, people should consult a financial planner and an estate planning attorney.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help people complete the necessary documents, such as a will. The will should include information about who will inherit that person’s property, provisions for pets or children, the desired distribution of property, and the individual chosen to manage the person’s affairs.