Connecticut Personal Injury Law

Focused particularly in personal injury law, the boutique firm Ebenstein & Ebenstein in Hartford, Connecticut, offered clients the benefit of a full-service law firm. Among its many achievements, Ebenstein & Ebenstein earned a reputation for successfully representing clients involved in personal injury motor accidents.

Personal injury motor vehicle accidents must meet a set of criteria that proves negligence on the part of the person who caused the accident. In Connecticut, legal criteria for negligence include the injured party having experienced damages. Additionally, the accident must be caused by the person at fault failing to perform a duty.

When a claim meets all of the criteria, the injured party may sue for negligence. Persons found negligent in a motor vehicle accident that caused injury to another party may have to pay for such damages as medical expenses, damaged property, emotional distress, loss of future earnings, and any other expenses that occurred as a result of the injury.


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