Finding and Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

The Hartford, Connecticut-based law firm of Ebenstein & Ebenstein served a wide variety of local, regional, and national clients. As a result, the experienced lawyers at Ebenstein & Ebenstein practiced before all of Connecticut’s state and federal courts, including appellate courts.

Established after a vote approving a constitutional amendment in 1982, the Connecticut Appellate Court’s first five judges were appointed by the governor in August 1983. By October of the same year, the original judges heard the first cases. Originally conceived to ease Supreme Court backlog, the Appellate Court came to enjoy a productive working relationship with the higher court, which led to common rules of practice and sharing of state offices.

Since 1983, the state Appellate Court doubled the number of judges. With legislative changes in 1993, the court gained a growing number of retired judges, senior judges, and Supreme Court justices. By 2003, these judges and justices took part in nearly 3,000 panels and wrote almost 700 opinions.


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